Ten years of casting sword, dream 2023


2024-04-01 13:25

Dear Kuron partner:

At the beginning of the new year, weather updates, experience in 2022, ushered in the new dawn of 2023. On the occasion of this New Year, we will give sincere greetings and good blessings to all Kerun Run people and care for Kuron friends!

In 2022, the global new crown epidemic was delayed, and the geopolitical differences between Russia and Ukraine's conflict were increasing, and the global economic recovery was fragile. However, in 2022, it is also a year full of hope. The G20 summit carries the "20th National Congress" of the party that all Chinese people expect, and proposes to accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system and actively and steadily promote the goal of dual carbon.

In 2022, in terms of Ke Run, it is a significant year that is inherited before the beginning of the opening.

In 2022, it is a year when the main industry has a steady growth. In 2022, with the joint efforts of employees in Huai'an, Suzhou, Anhui, and Beijing, the company's main business revenue is expected to increase by 54%year -on -year. In 2022, the main product proton membrane, realizing the full coverage of the core membrane materials of the liquid flow battery project at the domestic MW level or above. The world's largest liquid flow energy storage project-Dalian Rongke 100MW full-schrobe flow project, with Kerun's film, has a strong "China core"; in 2022, the Beijing Green Winter Olympics in hydrogen energy and liquid In terms of storage energy storage, the checked membrane also plays a corresponding role.

In 2022, it is a year of promoting a strategic layout and stable. In 2022, the company's practice promoted the strategic layout of "1+2+1", built Suzhou Hydrogen Energy Headquarters Base, Create Huai'an Liquid Film Base, Anhui Hydrogen Making Base, Beijing Sales Headquarters Base, and developed new film materials for theoretical innovation. The fifth -generation high -speed proton film production line is officially invested.

In 2022, it is a year of scientific and technological innovation and bravery to ascend to the cinnamon. In 2022, the company's R & D adhering to the research and development ideas of "benchmarking, leading, and pre -research", continuing to play the scientific research spirit of Shezi Niu -style, and promote the progress of the next generation of film products. At the same time, the company participated in the key project of "Energy Storage and Smart Grid Technology" of the National Key R & D Plan for 2022, and undertook the research projects such as the Jiangsu Provincial Strategic Emerging Industry Development Fund project, Suzhou Carbon Dafeng, Carbon neutralization project and other scientific research projects. The Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center, Suzhou Unicorn Enterprise, Jiangsu Potential Unicorn Enterprise, Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Center, Jiangsu Provincial Technology Center, and the national energy field.

In 2022, it is a year of embracing the capital market and empowering development. In 2022, the company opened a new round of over 200 million yuan in financing, which was supported and trusted by the friends of institutions in the industry. In 2022, the company introduced a group of investors who could empower investment, including industrial investors who could coordinate with the company's industry, strategic investors with international vision, and institutional investors with voluntary optimism of industry tracks.

In 2022, it is a year of "resistance" and active "resistance". From the beginning of the Suzhou epidemic war at the beginning of the year, to the end of the end of the year, Omikon came again. The epidemic was ruthless, the world was affectionate, all the science people, overcome the major epidemic, have always ensured that the company's various tasks are carried out normally, ensuring that the normal delivery of customers is normal Delivery shows the responsibility and responsibility of Kuron.

Looking back at the past year, looking forward to 2023, we always have grateful, along the way, hardships, warm all the way. The company's growth and development are inseparable from the care and support of government departments at all levels; it is inseparable from the support and company of the company's shareholders and investors; Development partners' trust ... here, I will give you sincere gratitude to everyone again!

In 2023, it will be a challenging year. All Kerun people will work together.

Chairman Yang Dawei

December 31, 2022
Figure/Edit: Huang Jiujiu