How PEM Membranes Drive the New Energy Development Globally



Thinkre™ Ion Exchange Membrane Material Play a key role in the fourth Energy Revolution
As a result of climate change, the earth is on the way to transition to a green, carbon-neutral economy.Humans are pursuing alternative, cleaner ways of generating, storing, and utilizing energy through options like smart grids, fuel cells, and flow battery technologies.
Proton-exchange membrane (PEM) new material plays an important role in the future of renewable and clean energy. 

Thinkre™ membranes take many forms in three transformative energy industry areas: fuel cells, energy storage, and hydrogen production. 
  Fuel cell (FC) is one of the promising technologies for solving energy issues in the future owing to the features such as high electrical efficiency, low to zero emissions, low noise level, and modularity,it has been widely applied to produce electricity from grid facilities to residential spaces.

  PEM-based processes can be used for long term energy storage such as by harnessing surplus electricity from an existing renewable energy system to be converted into hydrogen gas via electrolysis or stored into chemical energy via Redox Flow Battery (RFB). Regulate energy use and energy storage efficiently.

  PEM-based processes, such as microbial fuel cell (MFC) and reverse electrodialysis (RED) may be combined with water or wastewater treatment into an integrated system. By using the integrated system, water and energy could be produced simultaneously. 

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