Chen Zhichang, Secretary of the Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, visited Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Materials Co., Ltd. to investigate and investigate


2024-04-01 13:28

Recently (December 7, 2022), Chen Zhichang, Secretary of the Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, investigated green development and accelerated the green transformation research team to our company (Jiangsu Kerun Material Co., Ltd.) for investigation.

Mr. Yang Dawei, general manager of the group, extended a warm welcome to Secretary Chen Zhichang and his party. Subsequently, President Yang accompanied Secretary Chen Zhichang throughout the process and went to the exhibition hall to watch the publicity videos of the enterprise to understand the development process, product types and application areas. Secretary Chen Zhichang affirmed the effectiveness of corporate wisdom and transfers and technological innovation, and pointed out that it is necessary to practice the concept of green development, enable enterprises to develop green development with "transfers of intelligence", strengthen industry -university -research cooperation, and accelerate the gathering of high -end talents. Continuous R & D and innovation, and continue to maintain industry technology leading advantages.

Later, when he came to the production workshop, President Yang introduced the advanced production equipment and production processes introduced by the company to Secretary Chen Zhichang.

Secretary Chen highly praised Ke Run's innovation ability, development direction, and the honor obtained; it was optimistic about the future development of Kerun; at the same time, it was required to strengthen precision services to support the healthy development of enterprises with a good business environment and cultivate new new development, cultivate new new new, cultivate new new and cultivate new new. Development momentum.

President Yang expressed his sincere gratitude to the care and recognition of the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and said that he will continue to put research and development innovation first, further enhance the independent research and development strength of Kerun, accelerate innovation and development, actively fulfill social responsibility, and build it. Contribute your own strength.

Photo/Edit: Huang Jiujiu