Golden Tiger sent spring return, Jade Rabbit welcomes spring! May you be happy in the new year, be happy, healthy, everything goes well! happy New Year


2024-04-01 13:23

On this passionate night, at this beautiful moment of resigning and welcoming the new, Kuron has more joy, more excitement, and more emotions than in previous years. The upcoming 2022 is our unity and forge ahead! With the joint efforts of all colleagues, we have won higher honors, achieved more achievements, and have more touching stories worthy of aftertaste.

Applause and honor in 2022 only represents yesterday, and the results belong to the past.

2023 New hopes to open a new year, and the new journey carries new dreams!

All employees and friends of Kerun, let us welcome our 2023 with full enthusiasm and pragmatic style, Kuron · You · more exciting!

Finally, I wish you all a happy new year and auspicious year of the rabbit!