Korun was awarded the honor of constructing a provincial-level engineering technology research center for the year 2023


2024-03-29 13:14

Recently (September 22, 2023), Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerun") was awarded the honor of constructing a provincial-level engineering technology research center in 2023. This also marks the recognition of Kerun's technological research and development in the field of new materials at the provincial level, and has taken it to a new level, adding new stars to the field of new materials!

The award of the 2023 Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center not only proves the improvement of Kerun's own strength, but also has the following important significance:

1. Enhancing research and development capabilities: The establishment of an engineering technology research center will introduce high-end talents and advanced technologies to enterprises, provide a better research and development environment and innovation capabilities, and help enterprises improve their technological level and market competitiveness in the field of new materials.

2. Strengthen industrial collaboration: Through cooperation with universities, research institutions, etc., enterprises will form close cooperative relationships with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, jointly promoting the development of the new materials industry. This is of great significance for enhancing the agglomeration effect of regional industries and achieving industrial upgrading.

3. Promoting talent cultivation: The Engineering Technology Research Center cultivates a group of high-level scientific research talents and technical backbone for enterprises through academic exchanges, joint training, and other means, improving the talent competitiveness of enterprises in the field of new materials.

Under construction factory rendering (Suzhou)

Go all out for Kerun, come on!
In this increasingly fierce market competition, Kerun has always been strengthening its research and development capabilities, helping enterprises make breakthrough progress in the field of new materials, improve product performance and quality, better serve customers, meet market demand, and lead industry development.