Good news | Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Korun Group, has been awarded the title of "Innovation Expert of Science and Technology Innovation Jiangsu"


2024-03-29 13:12

Recently (September 28, 2023), according to the notice jointly issued by the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce on the issuance of the Implementation Plan for the 2023 "Science and Technology Innovation Jiangsu" Enterprise Innovation Talent Lecture Activity "(Sukexie Fa [2023] No. 90), Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of the Science and Technology Group, was awarded the title of" Science and Technology Innovation Jiangsu "Enterprise Innovation Talent and was appointed as the representative of the enterprise innovation talent lecture. This honor is not only an affirmation of Dr. Yang Dawei's personal achievements, but also an incentive and spur for future development.

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Awarded the title of "Innovation Expert of Science and Technology Innovation Jiangsu",


In the past research and development practice, Dr. Yang Dawei from Kerun Group has always adhered to his entrepreneurial aspirations, made great progress, and achieved impressive results in product research and development, technological innovation, and other fields. It is this spirit of innovation that has enabled us to stand out in the industry and win widespread recognition and attention from society, customers, and various sectors of the industry.

In the future, Dr. Yang Dawei will continue to lead the team, lead the company, adhere to innovation as the core, continuously promote technological innovation, and contribute to the rapid development of the enterprise and industry progress!