Good news | Kerun Film Materials Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of Innovative Leading Enterprise in Huai'an City


2024-03-29 13:17

Recently (September 22, 2023), the Science and Technology Bureau of Huai'an City commended a group of enterprises that have performed outstandingly in scientific and technological innovation research and development. Huaike [2023] No. 55: Announcement on the List of Innovative Leading Enterprises in Huai'an City for 2023 was issued to encourage enterprises to continue promoting technological progress and innovative development in the industry. Among the many selected enterprises, Jiangsu Kerun Film Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerun Film") stands out with its outstanding innovation ability and technical strength, and has been awarded the honorary title of "Innovative Leading Enterprise", becoming a highlight among the many participating enterprises.

Since its establishment, Kerun Film has been committed to research and development innovation in the field of new material films and outstanding advantages in application fields. It has successfully developed a series of membrane material products with independent intellectual property rights, filling the gap in the domestic market and providing high-quality products and efficient services to domestic and foreign customers. This award not only recognizes the significant achievements of Kerun Film in the field of technological innovation, but also encourages and motivates enterprises to continue innovation and climb technological peaks.

Honor Card


Thank you very much to the Huai'an Science and Technology Bureau for their attention and support to the enterprise. As a person from Kerun, I deeply understand the importance of technological innovation. In the future, we will continue to increase investment in research and development, cultivate and introduce first-class talents, continuously promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the field of new material membranes, make greater contributions to the innovation of Huai'an's science and technology, and make greater contributions to promoting the prosperity and development of China's membrane material industry.