Dr. Yang Dawei, founder of Kerun, attended the 4th China Advanced Materials Industry Innovation and Development Conference and the Forum on the Development of Liquid Flow Battery Technology, and gave a keynote speech


2024-03-29 12:27

On November 16-18, 2023, a forum dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge development and future trends of liquid flow battery technology was successfully held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center (Mango Hall) in Hunan. This forum is hosted by the China Advanced Materials Society Consortium, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Changsha Municipal People's Government, Zhuzhou Municipal People's Government, Xiangtan Municipal People's Government, and Central South University. More than 10 academicians from various regions, over 100 top domestic experts, and nearly 3000 representatives from 1000 scientific research institutions, industry manufacturers, upstream and downstream enterprises of new materials, and professional investment institutions were attracted to participate.

At the opening ceremony, representatives from the organizers emphasized the important position of flow battery technology in the global energy storage field, as well as its positive role in promoting green energy transformation and addressing climate change. Several industry experts gave keynote speeches at the forum.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Yang Dawei, founder of Kerun Group, introduced the key material technologies and development trends of liquid flow batteries from shallow to deep. He pointed out that with the continuous progress of technology, the proton exchange membrane used in liquid flow batteries is expected to further improve energy density and efficiency, while its cost will gradually decrease, thereby promoting the widespread application of liquid flow battery technology in smart grids, electric vehicles, and aerospace fields. Only through deep integration with different fields will liquid flow battery technology bring huge innovation and development opportunities to various industries. At the same time, the latest research and development achievements and market applications of Kerun Group in liquid flow battery technology were also shared. He stated that the company will continue to be committed to the innovation and application of liquid flow battery technology, providing customers with higher quality products and more thoughtful services.

The successful holding of this forum provides a good platform for experts, scholars, and business representatives in the field of flow batteries to exchange ideas, further promoting innovation and development of flow battery technology. I believe that in the near future, liquid flow battery technology will play a greater role in the global energy storage field, making greater contributions to green energy transformation and addressing climate change.