Good News | | Kerun New Materials Successfully Entered the Stock Market [Planned to be Entered into the Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise Listing and Cultivation Plan in 2023]


2024-03-29 12:28

According to the requirements of the Notice on Organizing the Application Work for Enterprises to be Listed in the 2023 Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise Listing and Cultivation Plan, Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kerun New Materials") has been successfully selected as a planned enterprise to be listed in the 2023 Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise Listing and Cultivation Plan through procedures such as organizational application and expert evaluation. The plan aims to promote the rapid development of technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, improve industrial competitiveness and market share.

Kerun New Materials, with its profound technological accumulation, outstanding research and development innovation capabilities, market competitive advantages, and maintaining good business performance and growth potential, is regarded as one of the key focus enterprises of this plan. Kerun New Materials has a significant leading position in the field of membrane materials, and has been committed to the research and development, technological innovation, and talent cultivation of membrane materials to promote the industrialization of membrane materials in China. The company has achieved significant achievements in the field of membrane materials science, with a wide range of business and a large customer base. Its service quality has been widely recognized and praised by customers.

In the future, Kerun New Materials will continue to adhere to technological innovation, efficient teams, and high-quality services, with the mission of leading industry development, promoting technological innovation, and promoting economic development. We will make unremitting efforts to achieve sustainable development and industry-leading position. The company will rely on outstanding technological innovation capabilities, first-class R&D teams, and broad market prospects to continuously enhance its core competitiveness, and strive to create greater value and give back to society.