Good news | Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Kerun Group, has been appointed as the supervisor of the engineering doctoral program at China University of Petroleum (Beijing)


2024-03-29 12:25

The engineering doctoral education aimed at solving major national engineering problems and providing innovative and applied talents for enterprises requires the joint efforts of schools and enterprises, and off campus engineering doctoral supervisors play an important role in the training of engineering doctoral students.

Recently, with the approval of the 18th meeting of the 12th Degree Evaluation Committee of China University of Petroleum (Beijing), it was decided to appoint 14 personnel including Yang Dawei as supervisors for engineering doctoral students.

Since the addition of engineering doctoral degree authorization points by Shida in mid March 2018. At present, Zhongshi University has hired a total of 161 engineering doctoral supervisors, including 89 on campus supervisors and 72 off campus supervisors. A group of senior engineering and technical experts from relevant fields of industry and enterprises serve as mentors for off campus engineering doctoral students, and recruit engineering doctoral students as the first mentor. Together with on campus mentors, they assume the guiding responsibility as the first person, adding strong impetus to enhance the engineering practice and innovation ability of engineering doctoral students and cultivate future leading talents in the engineering field. Zhongshi University will closely focus on ensuring national energy security and promoting green and low-carbon energy transformation, fully leveraging the advantages of the university as a high-level research-oriented university with industry characteristics, gathering intelligence and strength, and jointly building a high-quality national energy storage technology industry education integration innovation platform with enterprises. Adhere to the principle of strengthening, optimizing, and expanding new development, accelerate the upgrading and transformation of disciplines, specialties, and platforms, align with the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain, integrate into the regional economic development system, and serve the needs of the national energy strategy.

The appointment of an engineering doctoral supervisor this time is also an advanced layout of China National University of Science and Technology's joint industry leading enterprise, Kerun Group, to accelerate the urgently needed doctoral talent cultivation and construction in the energy storage field, and to jointly build an energy storage industry education integration platform.