Korun was invited to participate in the standard promotion meeting of the Energy Industry Flow Battery Standards Committee and provide standard interpretation


2024-03-29 12:23

On December 13-14, 2023, the standard promotion meeting of the Energy Industry Flow Battery Standards Committee was held in Shanghai. The meeting was organized by Shanghai Guoxian Testing Co., Ltd., and more than 90 representatives from more than 60 units in the flow battery industry participated in the promotion meeting. As the first drafting unit of NB/T 42080-2023 "General Technical Conditions and Test Methods for Ion Conducting Membranes for All Vanadium Flow Batteries" standard, Kerun was invited to participate in this publicity meeting and provide standard interpretation.

At this meeting, senior standardization experts were invited to explain the application and examples of GB/T 1.1-2020 "Guidelines for Standardization Work Part 1: Structure and Drafting Rules of Standardization Documents", which helps to improve the awareness and ability of standard writers and further enhance the quality of standards.

At the standard promotion meeting on the afternoon of the 14th, as the first drafting unit, Cao Pengfei, the Minister of the Innovation and Development Department of the company, interpreted the industry standard "General Technical Conditions and Testing Methods for Ionic Conductive Membranes for All Vanadium Flow Batteries", focusing on the background of the development of the general technical conditions of the standard and the key, key points, and difficulties of the testing methods. And answered the questions of the attendees, listened to relevant opinions and suggestions.


The holding of standard promotion meetings is of great significance for the promotion and implementation of standards, and helps to solve the problem of "valuing formulation and neglecting implementation" of standards. We also urge standard setting units to fully consider the operability and repeatability of standards in the application group when formulating standards, and to conscientiously create high-quality standards.

As the earliest domestic enterprise engaged in the research and industrialization of ion conductive membranes for liquid flow batteries, Kerun has always attached great importance to the construction and application of standard systems. In recent years, Kerun has actively participated in the revision of multiple national, industry, and group standards, such as the Energy Industry Liquid Flow Battery Standards Committee, the National Fuel Cell and Liquid Flow Battery Standards Committee, and the National Separation Membrane Standards Committee, and has played a constructive role.