Kerun Xiqian New Site, Creating a Better Future Together!


2024-03-28 18:09

With the vigorous development of business, Kerun Company has entered a new historical stage. Today (January 2, 2024), the company officially relocated to a new office location (No. 5999 Pangdong Road, Wujiang Development Zone, Suzhou), marking a new chapter in the company's development. Since its establishment, Kerun has been dedicated to the research and industrial production of membrane materials, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and has achieved significant performance. This relocation not only meets the growing business needs of the company, but also aims to create a more comfortable and efficient working environment and provide better development opportunities for employees.

In the new office location, Kerun Company will have broader space and more advanced facilities, which will help improve work efficiency and innovation ability. At the same time, the new office environment will better meet the needs and expectations of employees, focus on their growth and development, stimulate their potential and creativity, and achieve common progress for the company and employees.

This relocation is of great significance for the future development of Kerun Company. With the continuous expansion and growth of business, new office locations will bring more opportunities and challenges to the company. Korun Company will take this opportunity to continue adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, creativity, and service", optimizing products and services, actively carrying out various businesses, strengthening communication and cooperation with customers, and jointly promoting the development of the industry. Continuously enhance brand image and market competitiveness, and work together with customers to create a better future.

In short, the relocation of Kerun Company to a new office location is an important milestone in the company's development. With the support of the new address, Kerun Company will usher in broader development space and opportunities, laying a solid foundation for achieving the company's long-term goals. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Kerun Company will create a more brilliant future.