Yang Caifu, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Iron and Steel Research Institute, led a team to visit the headquarters of Kerun Group!


2024-03-28 18:05

Recently (January 3, 2024), Yang Caifu, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Iron and Steel Research Institute, led a research team to visit the headquarters of Kerun Group and had in-depth industry exchanges with the R&D team of Kerun. This meeting focuses on issues related to the industrialization of vanadium resources, vanadium batteries, and ion membranes, with the aim of promoting technological research and industrial application cooperation between the two sides in related fields.

At the beginning of the meeting, Deputy Chief Engineer Yang Caifu highly praised the position and role of Kerun Group in the industry. He emphasized that in recent years, Kerun Group has made significant research and industrialization achievements in the field of proton membrane membranes for vanadium flow batteries, making significant contributions to the growth of China's new materials industry. Chairman Yang Dawei also highly appreciates the contributions made by the Steel Research Institute in the field of new energy, believing that it has played a crucial role in promoting innovation in China's new energy technology.


Subsequently, the attending leaders conducted in-depth discussions on the technology and market prospects of future vanadium resources, vanadium flow energy storage batteries, and ion exchange membrane fields. Both sides agree that, thanks to the rapid development of China's new energy industry, the market size of related industries will continue to grow rapidly in the next five years. Therefore, as the leaders of core materials such as ion membranes for stack and vanadium pentoxide for electrolyte in vanadium batteries, both parties should further strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the research and industrialization of related technologies.