Wang Xiang, deputy secretary of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People's Congress, researches Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., LTD., the core enterprise of hydrogen energy industry in Wujiang Development Zone


2024-04-06 17:07

On December 16, Wang Xiang, deputy secretary of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, led the municipal local financial Supervision Bureau and the relevant leaders of the Municipal Equity Investment Association to Wujiang District for research, and visited our company (Suzhou Kerun New Materials) to investigate the development of proton exchange membrane, the core material of the hydrogen energy industry. Mr. Chen Jianzhong, deputy governor of Wujiang District, Mr. Wu Zhi, Director of the Financial Bureau of Wujiang District, Mr. Zhu Yungen, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Mr. Pan Hongliang, director of the Science and Technology Bureau of the Development Zone, accompanied the investigation. Yang Dawei, chairman of the company, warmly received Secretary Wang and his party.

First of all, Secretary Wang Xiang and his party visited the company's product exhibition hall with great interest under the explanation and introduction of General Manager Yang. General Manager Yang introduced the company's development history, the company's research and development and industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell proton membrane, the performance index of proton membrane products, and the company's development status in the industry.

At the subsequent symposium, Secretary Wang Xiang and his party further listened to the chairman of the company's description of the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry and market growth space; Report on the company's R & D team and the next step of R & D direction, the company's future development plan, industrial layout, etc. Secretary Wang fully affirmed the company's high-performance proton exchange membrane, realized the corner overtaking of imported "stuck neck" products, and was very optimistic about the development of the hydrogen energy industry in which the company was located. Suzhou attaches great importance to the development of hydrogen energy industry, and is relatively in the forefront of domestic hydrogen energy industry planning and practice. The next step will be in terms of policies and specific measures to further support enterprises with core intellectual property rights like Kerun, hydrogen energy fuel cell vehicles within the scope of Suzhou City, and priority is recommended to use local enterprises Suzhou Kerun to produce proton exchange membrane products.


As one of the important enterprises in the domestic hydrogen energy industry chain, the company is one of the only two enterprises that can industrialize the production of hydrogen fuel cell proton membrane. Proton exchange membrane, as the "heart" of the fuel cell, is in the core position in the hydrogen industry chain. The industrialization of proton exchange membrane is of great significance to the development of the entire hydrogen energy industry in China.