From test methods to technical requirements "Kerun sets standards for ion conduction films for Core Materials of vanadium flow Batteries"


2024-04-06 17:03

On December 20, 2021, the energy industry flow battery Standard Committee held its 2021 Annual meeting and standard review meeting by means of an online meeting. At the annual meeting, the experts analyzed the future development trend of the energy storage industry under the dual-carbon situation, deeply encouraged the rapid progress of the flow battery in the field of energy storage, fully affirmed the work of the standard committee in promoting the standardization of the flow battery industry in the past year, and pointed out that the standardization management should be further strengthened to protect the future development of the flow battery energy storage industry.

The meeting reviewed three all-vanadium flow battery industry standards such as "General technical conditions and test methods for ion conduction film for all-vanadium flow batteries", "Technical conditions for all-vanadium flow battery stacks", and "Requirements for electrolyte recovery for all-Vanadium flow batteries", as well as three zinc-based flow battery standards such as test methods, safety requirements and installation technical specifications for zinc-based flow battery systems.

At the standard review meeting, the experts reviewed the "General Technical Conditions and Test Methods for ion conduction membranes for all-vanadium flow batteries" revised by Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Kerun"). The standard specifies the test methods of thickness, water absorption, dimensional change rate, tensile property, electrical conductivity, ion diffusion coefficient, ion selectivity, ion exchange equivalent and oxidation resistance of ion conduction film for vanadium flow battery in detail, and specifies the general technical conditions of ion conduction film for vanadium flow battery. Compared with the current standard, the new standard not only further improves the test method of the membrane, but also puts forward the general technical indicators required to meet the ion conduction membrane for vanadium flow batteries. The revision of the standard not only provides a standard test method for the products of the ionic membrane industry, promotes the standardization and standardized development of the industry, but also the formulation of general technical conditions can provide certain guidance to downstream flow battery stack manufacturers, and build a standard technical framework between ionic membrane suppliers and downstream flow battery manufacturers. It is of great significance to promote the market application of all-vanadium flow batteries.



Kerun is the only company in China capable of large-scale production of perfluorinated ion membranes for flow batteries. After 12 years of research and development and industrial investment, Kerun has completed the replacement of imported Nafion membrane. As the only enterprise in China with experience in the supply of ion membrane materials for projects above MW level, Kerun has supplied more than 60MW core membrane materials for global flow battery projects, and Kerun perfluorinated ion membrane has passed the system verification of different energy storage application terminals. And achieved good running effect. Recently, the construction of Corun Huaian production base has been completed, and it is expected that the new plant in Huaian will start production after the Spring Festival in 2022. By then, the production capacity of perfluorinated ion membranes for flow batteries will reach 1.2 million square meters/year.

Kerun is committed to promoting the application and development of functional membrane materials such as mass (ionized) exchange membrane in the field of new energy such as flow batteries, hydrogen production by electrolytic water, and fuel cells, and can provide customized solutions according to the needs of different users. To provide high-performance products and services to achieve the dual carbon goal, promote new energy storage and the development of green energy.

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