Jinhu County Party secretary He Baoxiang research county economic development zone new material industry development in Jiangsu Kerun Film Materials Co., LTD


2024-04-06 16:52

On the afternoon of January 5, 2022, He Baoxiang, secretary of the Jinhu County Party Committee, investigated the development of new materials industry in the county economic development Zone. Yang Hong, secretary of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, Shu Xiaoping, director of the Development Zone Management Committee, Huang Yuhua, secretary of Jinbei Street, and Zhu Xiangyang, director of Jinbei Street, accompanied the participants to visit the new factory area under construction of Jiangsu Kerun Film Materials Co., LTD., enter the workshop, inquire about the needs, and understand the production and operation of the enterprise in detail and the future development plan. The whole process is explained by the general manager of the company, and the construction of the new factory, the problems encountered at this stage, and the future production time and production planning are introduced in detail.

After listening to the report of General Manager Zhang, Secretary He Baoxiang said to strengthen the communication with enterprises, timely grasp the needs of enterprises, solve problems for enterprises, make every effort to provide quality services for enterprises, actively help enterprises solve the problems encountered in the development, promote enterprises to achieve high-quality development, fully support enterprises to expand reproduction, and make new and greater contributions to the county economy.