Kerun was successfully selected as a "unicorn" cultivation enterprise in Suzhou in 2021


2024-04-06 16:48


Unicorn enterprises are the "tomorrow's stars" in the wave of new economic development, and they are the best interpretation of a city's innovation and entrepreneurship vitality and future development prospects. The list of "unicorn" cultivation enterprises in Suzhou in 2021 was publicized on December 27.

Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., LTD., as the only high-tech enterprise in Suzhou specializing in the research and development, production and sales of perfluorinated proton exchange membrane, was successfully selected as the "unicorn" cultivation enterprise in Suzhou in 2021; Following the previous success of "included in the first (set) major technical equipment project in the energy field in 2021" and other awards, Kerun Company again won.



Another award: As an incentive and honor, "unicorn" is a symbol of high-growth and high-value enterprises in the new economy, and the potential unicorn, as the reserve army of unicorn enterprises, is a future star with more development potential and growth, and is a pioneer of the new track.

The selection of the 2021 Suzhou "unicorn" cultivation enterprise is a high recognition of the development scale and industry status of Kerun Company at this stage, and it is also a full affirmation of its innovation ability and great development potential as a high-speed growth enterprise. On the basis of higher level, wider field and more pragmatic research and development, Kerun Company is gathering more innovative elements and advantageous resources, and is determined to walk in the forefront of the industry and lead the new trend of the industry.