Good news! Yang Dawei, Chairman of Kerun Company, won the "Sixth Wujiang Outstanding Talent Award"


2024-04-06 16:35

It's an award!

It's an award!

Yang Dawei, chairman of Kerun Company, was awarded

"The Sixth Wujiang Outstanding Talent Award"

Yang Dawei, Chairman of Creun Company, Doctor of Tsinghua University, senior engineer, expert of National "Ten thousand People Plan", director of National Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance, member of National Fuel cell and Flow Battery Standardization Committee, etc. More than 10 years of focusing on the research and development experience of perfluorinated ion exchange membrane, led the research and development team to develop the world's first "double-sided radiation perfluorinated ion exchange membrane casting film technology", and designed and manufactured China's first set of large-scale steel strip casting perfluorinated ion membrane production line. He has won the Gusu Leader, Wujiang leading talents, the third batch of national "10,000 people Plan", the National Ministry of Science and Technology "Innovative talent Promotion Plan", Jiangsu Province "333 Project", Jiangsu Province "six talent peak" high-level talents, was employed as a professor of industry in Jiangsu Province, and won the Jiangsu Province science and Technology Award, the International invention patent Exhibition gold medal and other commendations and honors.