Chen Xianqing, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Shaowu, Fujian Province, visited the headquarters of Kerun Group for investigation


2024-04-06 16:24

Spring water born peaches and Li smile, a rich spring. On the afternoon of March 29, Chen Xianqing, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Shaowu, Fujian Province, visited the Suzhou headquarters of Collun Group.

Accompanied by Dr. Yang Dawei, founder and chairman of the company, Chen Xianqing and his delegation visited the company's headquarters and walked into the R&D center and workshop...... Detailed understanding of the functional layout and the next step of the development of ideas. During the visit, Secretary Chen listened to the on-site report of Yang Dawei, chairman of the company, the company is one of the domestic proton exchange membrane material head enterprises, solved the problem of "jam neck" core membrane material in the field of liquid flow energy storage and hydrogen energy in China, and realized the domestic autonomy of perfluorosulfonic acid proton membrane. Secretary Chen fully affirmed the company's achievements and development potential in the field of proton membranes.

At the research symposium, Chairman Yang Dawei shared that after more than 10 years of research and development, all the way through the key core technology "stuck neck" problem, and successfully realized localization. The company has achieved the industrial chain layout of resin synthesis-film preparation-testing application and development, creating "one headquarters, two membrane bases, and one material base" to achieve a strategic layout with controllable technology, perfect product architecture and effective production capacity.

In view of the industrial layout and development plan of Kerun, Secretary Chen spoke highly of it. He pointed out that energy storage and hydrogen energy play an important role in the energy revolution, and the Fujian project is a key provincial project, which is of great significance in the industrial chain system of Kerun, and the government will fully support the construction and development of Kerun in Shaowu. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of proton membrane materials in China, Kerun has a significant first-mover advantage and a consolidated position in the industry, and he encouraged the company to continue to work hard, continue to develop iterations, continue to innovate, and achieve greater achievements.

Secretary Chen also worked at the site, and told the relevant leaders of the Management Committee of Shaowu City and Economic Development Zone, who accompanied the research, that "we are the waiters of the enterprise" should continue to care about and support the development of Corun Company, timely help the enterprise to solve the practical problems that need to be implemented by the government, and practice "Shaowu is a good place" with an excellent business environment to ensure the long-term development of the enterprise in Shaowu.


Chairman Yang Dawei thanked Shaowu Municipal Committee and government for their long-term support of Fujian Kelun Project. Shaowu has a good business environment, and the "nanny-like" efficient service of relevant departments of Shaowu and the park has given us confidence in long-term development. The company will continue to lay out projects in Shaowu, increase investment and R&D investment, produce more results, and make corporate contributions to the economic and social development of Shaowu.

Mr. Zheng Yao, Deputy Mayor of Shaowu City, Mr. Wu Xingsheng, Director of the Administrative Committee of Economic Development Zone, and Mr. Xu Pingping, Director of the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Commerce, accompanied the investigation. CAI Yuehua, deputy general manager and secretary of the Board of directors of the company, accompanied the reception.