Chen Qun, deputy director of the National Defense Department of Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, led a team to investigate our company


2024-04-13 09:52

On April 8, Chen Qun, deputy director of the National Defense Department of Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Yuan Shaotong, third-level researcher, and Wu Jiang, first-level director, came to our company for research.

Zhao Lianjian, deputy director of the military-civilian Integration Office of the Municipal Committee, Xie Wei, Director of the National Defense Department of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Zhang Dengjia, deputy director, as well as Jinhu County leaders, accompanied Jiangsu Kerun Film Materials Co., Ltd. to visit and investigate.


Yang Dawei, general manager of the company, introduced the company's products

The company has the first domestic steel strip casting exchange film production line 3, 10,000 level constant temperature and humidity clean workshop 1, with an annual output of perfluorinated ion membrane, proton exchange membrane 200,000 square meters. The company's exchange film products have won national key new products, Jiangsu Province key new products, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, Jiangsu Province high-tech products and other honors, and with the State Grid Wuhan Nanrui, Shanghai Electric, Jiangsu Qingneng and other enterprises to form a strategic partnership, NEPEM series of membrane production has been exported to Japan, South Korea, Germany, Chile, Singapore and other countries.

Mr. Yang introduced the company's honor and development history.

Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of new functional membrane materials, which was founded in 2011 by Yang Dawei, an expert of the national "ten thousand People plan". The registered capital of the company is 30.06 million yuan, and the existing total assets are 38.6958 million yuan. There are 26 R&D team members, including 4 PHDS and 7 masters. It has one clean production workshop with 10,000 dust-free constant temperature and humidity, and 3 film material production lines, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In the past ten years, Kerun has devoted itself to research and development and vigorously promoted the industrialization of technological achievements, and has now developed into one of the only two enterprises capable of mass producing proton exchange membranes for hydrogen fuel cells in China. In recent years, Kerun has won many honors such as National high-tech enterprises, small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, provincial private science and technology enterprises, National key new products, International Invention Patent Gold Award, Jiangsu Science and Technology Award, and Jiangsu Province Specialized and special New products. Kerun Company is also the first domestic through the national automobile inspection, through the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology car announcement of China's proton exchange membrane enterprises. Krun proton exchange membrane has the advantages of thin thickness, high mechanical strength, high conductivity, good dimensional stability, self-humidification, long service life, etc., while the manufacturing cost is low, has broken the United States Gore, DuPont and other companies technology monopoly, instead of imports.

The company has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Xiamen University, Changzhou University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Huaiyin Normal University and other universities, and jointly built the only ion membrane engineering technology center in Jiangsu Province with Xiamen University, equipped with professional analytical chemistry laboratory, membrane material preparation laboratory, membrane material testing laboratory, and established a sound science and technology research and development management system. It has undertaken a number of proton membrane major scientific and technological research projects such as the National Innovation Fund, the National key research and Development Plan, the Jiangsu Key research and Development Plan, the provincial science and technology support plan, and the transformation of provincial and municipal scientific and technological achievements. The company's R & D team has won a number of government talent honors such as Jiangsu Double Innovation talent, provincial double innovation team, city and Huai on the outstanding talent, with rich R & D and industrialization experience, with film forming process, formula, equipment of the whole process technology patents 50.

Introduction to the application of the company's product ionic membrane

Leaders communicate with enterprises

At the meeting, Director Chen Qun spoke highly of the development of Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Materials Co., LTD.

Director Chen Qun pointed out that military-civilian integration in the field of science and technology is the basic project, key link and pilot field of the national military-civilian integration strategy and innovation-driven development strategy, and it is also an inevitable choice to strengthen military-civilian collaborative scientific and technological innovation, enhance the independent innovation capability of national defense science and technology, and increase the transformation and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements. Hydrogen fuel cells mainly have the advantages of environmental friendliness, high energy density and low operating noise, and are widely used in the field of fixed energy storage, transportation and portable fields, especially in aircraft, automobiles, submarines, warships, individual equipment, communication equipment and other equipment requiring noise suppression, continuous current, and high energy conversion rate. Compared with the traditional diesel engines and gasoline engines still used in the civil and military fields, hydrogen fuel cells have many advantages in the military field. Jiangsu Kerun film products interrupt foreign monopoly and replace foreign products. The company has been grinding a sword for ten years to focus on the craftsman spirit of fuel cell proton exchange membrane and solve the "stuck neck" technical problems to break the monopoly of imported proton membrane enterprise innovation spirit was highly praised