The first team building activity in 2022 | | Dream Gathering Team, Team Forges Dreams!


2024-04-02 17:34

Time flies, time flies like a shuttle. In the blink of an eye, 2022 is almost halfway through. In order to better prepare for the second half of the year and improve team cohesion and collaborative spirit. On June 11th, all employees of Suzhou Kerun welcomed a variety of team building and expansion activities in the pastoral cowboy resort, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing us to embark on a leisurely rural time journey.

Preparation before the event

Breaking ice

In order to integrate everyone into a family, enhance each other's enthusiasm, and enhance the initiative of our friends, we played massage exercises and ice breaking games. Throughout the game, each member actively participated, creating a relaxed atmosphere that instantly made all the friends familiar.


Take out the shining team name and shout out loud slogans

When participating in activities, especially group activities, giving a loud team name can intimidate the other party and boost one's own morale. Therefore, everyone participates in it, forms a group culture, provides suggestions for their team, and then presents a wonderful performance;


Magic Brush Ma Liang

Magic Brush Ma Liang, also known as Wonderful Brush Blooming Flowers, means that all team members pull the end of the rope and complete the designated task according to the coach's requirements without touching the brush. The fastest completion is the victory.


Decrypting DNA


Decrypting DNA, testing team collaboration and memory. Through this game, all players have come to understand the importance of teamwork. Everyone needs to integrate themselves into the collective in order to fully play their individual role. The core of teamwork is collaboration.

Joy continues

Trust Fall 


The "Trust Backfall" project tests not only the psychological qualities of the wrestler, but also,

Further testing the trust and cooperation among comrades,
"Don't worry, we will catch you!"
The comrades below keep cheering on the comrades on the steps!

I believe that every family member in our company has benefited greatly from this expansion, which has increased the cohesion between teams and made colleagues better understand each other.

Through this team building activity, not only have we been able to relieve work pressure, but we have also understood the unity, trust, collaboration, and team culture that an excellent team possesses.

In the future, we will also welcome every day of the second half of the year with a more united and harmonious face, and devote ourselves to life and work with full spirit and enthusiasm, challenging ourselves, not forgetting our original intention, achieving ourselves, and living up to our youth. Dare to innovate when facing difficulties, dare to surpass, fight for dreams, and create brilliance together!