Good News || Ke Run New Materials Complete the C round of 240 million yuan in financing


2024-04-01 13:18

After saying a good time in 2022, it entered 2023, which was full of opportunities and challenges. Vientiane was new. Recently, Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. completed all the delivery of round C round of 240 million financing. The company's round C financing was carried out in two batches in September and December 2022. Series C financing was led by Sequoia China, and the joint investment of many industrial investors and excellent institutional investors such as Beiqi Investment, Unexpicious Energy, Yutong Group, General Technology Capital, Bridge Capital, and Yingding Investment. , Four Seas New Materials, etc., continue to increase investment, and work together to complete the Cerium C financing through various parties. The company C financing has introduced many well -known institutions. A well -known strategic investor with international vision can make full use of its investment and strategic layout in the field of hydrogen energy and energy storage to support the development of the company; industrial investors with industrial collaboration can cooperate with the company's upstream and downstream industries to jointly promote together The company's product research and development and technological iterative iterations will help jointly promote the development of domestic fuel cell vehicles; institutional investors who have a like -minded and long -term optimistic about industry track can accurately seize the latest development opportunities in the industry, bring diversified resources to the company, and help the company's development Essence

The company is one of the heads of film materials for domestic proton exchange. After more than ten years of scientific research, it solves the core membrane materials of "card neck" in the field of "stuck neck" in the field of liquid storage batteries and hydrogen fuel cells in China. The domestic autonomy of acid submissisons is currently the only company in China that can produce and supplies a total fluoride proton exchange membrane for large quantities of liquid flow batteries; One of the companies in the membrane.

Photo/Edit: Cai Yuehua Huang Jiujiu