Kerun Corporation participated in the implementation of the national key R & D plan (100 MW -class liquid flow battery) project to obtain the project of the Ministry of Science and Technology


2024-04-01 13:16

Recently, according to the production letter [2022] No. 755 -Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the National Key R & D Plan "Energy Storage and Smart Power Grid Technology" key special special project for project establishment project, Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. Company (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Kerun) participated in the national key research and development plan "Energy Storage and Smart Grid Technology" key special special specialized "New Generation 100MW -Class Full -Battered Battery Energy Storage Technology and Application Demonstration Technology and Application Demonstration" project has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The project is led by Rongke Energy Storage, and the Metal Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Dalian Institute of Dalian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Kerun, Tsinghua University, Southern University of Science and Technology, State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. , Dalian Hengliu Energy Storage Power Station, including 10 units, jointly borne. The project has a total of five sub -topics, with a total project of 42 million yuan, of which 12 million yuan in the central government. The industrial development work of the development of material localization technology.
As a long -term electrochemical energy storage technology, the liquid flow battery has the advantages of essential safety, long life, and long -term energy storage, which will be the major needs of large -scale access to renewable energy in my country and the improvement of the peak transfer of traditional power systems in China. Provide reliable solutions. As the core material of the liquid stream battery, ion conductive has an irreplaceable and important role in ensuring the life and safety of the liquid battery and the energy conversion efficiency of the liquid stream battery. Provide the market with new types of higher performance and lower -cost membrane materials.
As the domestic leading R & D and manufacturers of full fluoride membranes, Kuron has always focused on the development and industrialization of full fluoride ion exchanges since its establishment for 14 years. The revision of industry standards has now formed more than 20 film products of liquid flow battery, fuel cell, and PEM electrolyte hydrogen hydrogen. In the field of liquid stream battery, it has been successfully achieved by domestic, and domestic Muwa -class large -scale liquid flow battery energy storage projects have adopted scientific membranes.

Photo/Edit: Cao Pengfei Huang Jiujiu