The standard for the full -schochromic fluid battery drafted by Kerun is approved by the ion conduction industry standard


2024-04-01 13:10

Recently, the National Energy Administration issued announcement No. 1 in 2023 and approved the 168 energy industry standards. The standard "Specific Technical Conditions and Test Methods for the Full Light Flow Battery for the Flus Battery", which is responsible for drafting. The standard number is NB/T 42080-2023, and the new standard will be implemented on August 6, 2023.

In recent years, with the development of the energy storage industry, the technology of liquid flow batteries, especially all -round liquid flow battery, has also developed rapidly. The ion conductive materials of the core components of the liquid battery battery have also shown the development trend of multi -technical routes. The original industry standard NB/T 42080-2016 "Testing Method for the Optometer for Full Light Flow Battery" can no longer meet the needs of standardized industry development. Ke Run assumed the revision of the standard. The new version of the standard supplement the general technical conditions of the ion -conductive film with the ion -flowing battery, the water content of the ion -conductive film, the size change rate, the stretching strength, the capacity of ionic exchanges, ion diffusion performance, ionic selectivity, ionic diffusion performance, ion exchanges , Antioxidant performance, pre -processing method and other related test methods. The new version of the standard will play a due role in regulating the development of the industry and promoting the progress of the industry.        

Standards have a pivotal role in regulating and promoting the development of the industry. As a core enterprise of ionic membrane materials in the field of liquid flow storage and hydrogen energy fields, Kuron has always attached importance to standardization work and actively participated in the work of relevant standards committees.

Photo/Edit: Cao Pengfei Huang Jiujiu