Shi Xiaopeng, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province, and his party visited Kerun Company to investigate the development of proton membranes


2024-04-01 13:07

In order to master the operation of the car industry chain of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in Jiangsu Province, on the afternoon of March 21, Deputy Director Shi Xiaopeng of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology led the transformation and upgrading office, Director Xiong Binqian, the Dean of the School of Automobile and Rail Transit of Nanjing Institute of Engineering Xu Guoliang, a fourth-level investigator of the Credit Bureau, and Zhang Ping, the director of the Equipment Industry Division, and a group of 8 people.


Deputy Director Shi Xiaopeng first visited the company's exhibition hall to learn more about the company's overall structure, development process, proton exchange film product system, application coverage and market share, the construction of several bases in the company, and future development planning.

At the subsequent symposium, Deputy Director Shi Xiaopeng further listened to the company's chairman Yang Dawei on the research and development process and industrialization of fuel cell proton membranes and industrialization. The status quo of domestic membrane import replacement, as well as the company's next R & D direction, reports in detail. Deputy Director Shi Xiaopeng fully affirmed the company's achievements in the development and industrialization of proton membranes, and realized the curve overtaking of "card neck" products imported from abroad. This survey is also in order to master the operation of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry chain in Jiangsu Province, and understand the development of the enterprise related enterprises related to the industrial chain. In the next step, it will further support domestic domestically produced in the policy and specific measures. Film enterprises are prioritized to procure procurement and use of domestic membranes in products and projects, and promoting upstream and downstream enterprises upstream and downstream enterprises in the fuel cell vehicle industry chain to form an effective synergy. Ji Hengyi, deputy head of Wujiang District, Wang Wei, director of Wujiang District Industry and Information Bureau, and Mei Feng, deputy director Mei Feng, accompanied the investigation. Cai Yuehua, deputy general and director of the company, participated in the reception discussion.

Photo/Edit: Cai Yuehua Huang Jiujiu