The leading engineering doctoral team from Tsinghua University visited the headquarters of Kerun Group for inspection and research


2024-03-29 16:50

On July 22-25, the leading engineering doctoral team from Tsinghua University conducted an investigation and research activity on "Gathering in the Yangtze River Delta and Joining Hands to Create the Future" in the Yangtze River Delta region. This activity is organized by the Triangle Committee of the President of the Innovation Leading Engineering Doctoral Student Branch of Tsinghua University. Through on-site visits and exchange discussions, we aim to learn about advanced engineering technologies in the Yangtze River Delta region and the industry university research innovation experience of alumni enterprises, in order to enhance engineering innovation, industry leadership, and industry university research cooperation between alumni and enterprises. On the afternoon of the 22nd, Yuan Rongliang, Chairman of the Innovation Leading Engineering Doctoral Student Branch of Tsinghua University, led a doctoral research team to visit Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua Automotive Research Institute. Dr. Shen Jianxing, Deputy Director of the Wujiang Development Zone Management Committee, and Dr. Yang Dawei, Dean of Tsinghua Automotive Research Institute Cheng Bo and Chairman of Kerun Group, accompanied the research.

The doctoral research team first visited the exhibition hall of Korun Group headquarters. Mr. Yang provided a detailed introduction to the company's overview, development strategy, R&D innovation achievements, and application fields. Then, through the exhibition hall samples, he explained Korun's proton exchange membrane technology principles, product performance, technological advantages, and application scenarios to the research team. After listening to Mr. Yang's detailed introduction, the research team expressed their new understanding of product innovation and application fields of proton exchange membranes. The research exploration and innovative spirit of Kerun Group are worth learning from!

Finally, President Yang held a discussion with the research team and leaders of the development zone in the conference room. After listening to President Yang's overall introduction to Kerun Group, the research team praised Kerun Group's outstanding achievements in the research, development and industrialization of proton exchange membrane innovative technology. The two sides carried out a warm exchange, discussed the industrialization of innovative technology, innovation and entrepreneurship experience and other multi-dimensional content, and the venue resonated with applause from time to time.

This time, the leading engineering doctoral team from Tsinghua University conducted an inspection and research, and the process of sharing experiences and technical exchanges between the two sides has brought a lot of benefits to Kerun Group. As an innovative private enterprise, Kerun Group has been deeply involved in the new technology innovation, iteration, and industrialization of membrane materials. Kerun has always adhered to its original intention and continued to deepen its efforts in the hydrogen energy industry. With the development strategy of "driving green development with technological innovation and building the Kerun brand with the spirit of craftsmanship", it has obtained more than 70 proton membrane patents at home and abroad, and has won a series of honors such as national level specialized, refined, special, and new small giant enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, national key new product, and major first set of equipment in the national energy field. Korun has been leading the domestic industry in the cumulative shipment of proton exchange membranes for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, contributing to the development of new energy in China and playing an important role in promoting the global transformation of clean energy.