Important Meeting | Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Kerun Group, Attends the 2023 Forum on Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Technology and Industry Development and gives an Important Report


2024-03-29 16:47

On August 8th, the 2023 Forum on Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Technology and Industry Development, jointly organized by Shanghai Yahua Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., was successfully held in Shanghai. Renowned experts, scholars, and representatives of entrepreneurs from the domestic energy storage field gathered together, and the conference conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on industrial policies, technology and industry development, key materials and equipment of liquid flow energy storage batteries!

During the meeting, Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd., gave a report on the latest progress in the industrialization of perfluorinated proton membranes for flow batteries. He introduced the types and applications of perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton membranes, the main technical routes of proton membranes, and the application of the company's products in technological innovation. The company is the first domestic manufacturer to mass produce perfluorinated ion membranes for flow batteries. Since 2020, over 70% of MW level flow battery energy storage projects have adopted the company's products, and in the future, improvements and innovations will be made in areas such as higher ion conductivity, higher ion selectivity, better durability, and lower costs.

There are quite a few attendees at the Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Technology and Industry Development Forum this time.

With the proposal of the national "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" strategic goal, China's energy structure has undergone profound changes. The development of new energy, mainly wind power, photovoltaic, and energy storage, is becoming increasingly hot. As an important part of the energy system, the energy storage industry has rapidly developed and received attention from various sectors in recent years, promoting the innovative application of new energy storage technologies and high-quality development of the industry.