News Henan Xinxiang Organization Department Minister Zhang Hexing came to our company for investigation


2024-04-06 19:44


Yang Dawei introduced the development course of the company to Zhang Hexing



Zhang Hexing and his party gave high affirmation to the achievements of Suzhou Kerun film, that our economic and social development ideas are clear, effective work measures, reflecting a high starting point, large-scale, industrial enterprises to cluster development, development momentum, development experience can be learned and used.
Hydrogen and fuel cells




Under the complex background of the profound adjustment of the world's energy pattern, the acceleration of global action against climate change, and the strengthening of resource and environmental constraints, hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have been considered as a major strategic direction of the world's energy and power transformation, and have attracted the attention of countries around the world. Accelerating the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry is a strategic choice for China to cope with global climate change, ensure the security of national energy supply and achieve sustainable development.

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Yang Dawei said that he will go to make investment investigation in the near future, further discuss cooperation matters, deepen cooperation and development with the local government, and promote a win-win situation for economic and social development.




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Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in the development of ion membrane technology, owns 16 technical patents in perfluorinated ion membranes (including one PCT international patent), and is the first enterprise in China to mass-produce perfluorinated ion membranes by steel strip rolling.