News Anhui Tianchang City Organization Department Minister Kan Xurui to visit our company


2024-04-06 19:39


Yang Dawei introduced the company culture to Kan Xurui ▲



Hydrogen energy - green energy in the true sense



Proton exchange membrane fuel cells have the advantages of low operating temperature, fast start-up, high specific power, simple structure and easy operation, and are widely recognized as the preferred energy source for electric vehicles and fixed power stations. Inside the fuel cell, the proton exchange membrane provides a channel for the migration and transportation of protons, so that protons pass through the membrane from the anode to the cathode, forming a loop with the electron transfer of the external circuit to provide current to the outside world, so the performance of the proton exchange membrane plays a very important role in the performance of the fuel cell, and its quality directly affects the service life of the battery.


Perfluorinated ionic membrane ▲

Yang Dawei said that he will go to make investment investigation in the near future, further discuss cooperation matters, deepen cooperation and development with the local government, and promote a win-win situation for economic and social development.


The head of the company's technical team is Yang Dawei, the general manager of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the national 10,000 people plan, and the research and development team has a total of 17 people, including 1 technical leader, 4 doctoral students, 4 master students and 4 undergraduate students. The annual research and development investment accounts for more than 20% of the company's sales revenue. In addition, our company has also established a provincial postdoctoral innovation practice base in cooperation with Xiamen University; In addition, it has carried out production, academic and research cooperation with the School of Chemical Engineering of Xiamen University, and jointly established the "Research and Development Center of the School of Chemical Engineering of Xiamen University - Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Materials Co., LTD.", and the two sides have used their respective advantages to focus on the research and industrial conversion of perfluorinated ion (proton) exchange membranes.