Korun was invited to participate in the "Forum on Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Technology and Industry Development" and give a report on the forum


2024-03-28 17:11

On March 19-21, the "Second Forum on Technology and Industry Development of Liquid Flow Energy Storage Batteries" jointly organized by Asia Chemical Consulting and Shanghai Electric was held in Shanghai. At the same time, the "Forum on Proton Membrane, Bipolar Plate, Electrode Materials and Stack Technology 2024" was held. Cao Pengfei, Minister of Innovation and Development of the company, was invited to participate in the forum and gave a forum report. The topics of the reports were "Latest Progress in Industrialization of New Generation High Conductivity and Low Swelling Domestic Proton Membranes for Liquid Flow Batteries" and "Innovation and Breakthrough in Localization of Proton Exchange Membrane Technology".

In two reports, Minister Cao introduced the performance and practical application cases of the company's liquid flow battery and proton exchange membrane products for PEM electrolysis water, shared the company's development ideas and innovation points in related products, and introduced the full industry chain layout, production capacity status, and long-term planning of the group's Suzhou Kerun, Fujian Kerun, and Jiangsu Kerun membrane "one center, two bases". Finally, he answered the technical and company production capacity issues that the on-site guests were concerned about.

Korun focuses on the research and industrialization of perfluorinated sulfonic acid proton exchange membranes, and has achieved independent and controllable development of the entire industry chain including perfluorinated sulfonic acid resin synthesis, membrane preparation, inspection and detection, and application development. Korun will continue to invest research and development efforts in the field of proton exchange membranes, developing more advanced proton exchange membranes to meet the needs of more users.

Graphic/Editor: Cao Pengfei Huang Jiujiu