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Thinkre™ Tetrafluoroethane-β-Sultone

THINKRE®-HNZ99 Tetrafluoroethane-β-Sultone


Thinkre™ Resin



THINKRE®-HNZ99  Tetrafluoroethane-β-Sultone is a colorless transparent liquid special fluorine-containing fine chemical, and the industrial Tetrafluoroethane-β-Sultone is a mixture of ring structure and straight chain structure,in which the ring structure is constantly converted to the straight chain structure. Due to its special structure, Tetrafluoroethane-β-Sultone can react with a variety of olefin, cycloolefin, nucleophile, etc., to synthesize fluorine-containing compounds with various structures. It is an important fluorine-containing intermediate for the preparation of functional compounds containing carboxy or sulfonic acid, mainly used for the synthesis of functional polymer materials and fine chemicals, such as PSVE, fluorine-containing surfactants and fluorine oils and so on,among which, sulfonic acid resin prepared from tetrafluorosulfonolactone is an important raw material for fuel cell separator, which has a very broad development prospect.


      Thinkre™ owns the advanced production technology for the mass production of tetrafluorosulfonolactone, and the product purity is extremely high.

   Product Description


Typical Value


colorless clear liquid



Chemical Name




Chemical Formula        

Molecular Weight 180
Boiling Point 41℃
Liquid Density(25℃) 1.6g/ml
Hazard Label

8 (Corrosive)

   Packing,Transportation and Storage

1. Filled in the cylinder with the label, certificate, brand, trademark, production lot number.
2. Keep away from fire source, heat source, fire overpressure; The storage place must have good ventilation; In high temperature weather, sunscreen cooling measures should be taken on the cylinder stored in the open air to prevent overpressure.
3. Transported as dangerous goods and should be protected from heat or severe vibration during transportation.