【 Invitation 】 We sincerely invite you to the 5th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition


2024-04-06 17:13


On December 8-10, 2021, at the Hydrogen Energy Exhibition in Nanhaiqiao Mountain Cultural Center, Foshan, Guangdong Province, Collun (Booth A05-51) will bring you the latest high-electric-dense composite proton membrane for hydrogen production by electrolytic water, composite proton membrane for fuel cell vehicles, and perfluorinated ion membrane for flow batteries, which is the largest used in China. Welcome leaders, guests and industry friends to visit the booth guidance!



As one of the most distinctive activities of Foshan International Hydrogen Energy Exhibition, "Hydrogen Listening Theater" has been held for five consecutive times. This year, Mr. Yang Dawei (Chairman of Kerun Group) was invited to participate in the "Hydrogen Listening Theater" on December 9, 2021, as an industry technical expert to share cutting-edge technology concepts and practical dry goods in the form of speeches and lectures.


Kerun Group was founded by experts of the national 10,000 Thousand plan, the group is headquartered in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., LTD. (Production base), a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in 2008 in Huaian, Jiangsu Province, with more than ten years of experience in the development and manufacturing of perfluorinated ion membranes, is one of the earliest enterprises in China to realize the industrialization of perfluorinated ion membranes and proton exchange membranes. At present, it has a production capacity of 1 million square meters/year of proton exchange membrane. The company has more than 40 technical patents in the field of perfluorinated ionic membranes. Since its establishment, the company has won a series of honors such as national "specialized and special new little Giant" enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, scientific and technological smes, Jiangsu Private science and technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Science and Technology Award, National Key New products, and International Invention Patent Exhibition Gold Medal. It has undertaken a number of major government projects and projects above the provincial level, such as the SME Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province, the Science and Technology Support Plan in Jiangsu Province, the key research and development Plan in Jiangsu Province, and the Double Innovation Team in Jiangsu Province. The company's R & D center has obtained a number of innovation carriers above provincial level, such as Jiangsu Key Laboratory of two-dimensional Materials, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, and Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base.