The 6th Silk Road International Exposition and China East and West Cooperation and Investment and Trade Fair || Jiangsu Kerun Film Material Co., Ltd. participated as a delegation enterprise of Jiangsu Province


2024-04-02 18:23


On August 14, the 6th Silk Road International Expo and the Investment and Trade Fair for Cooperation between East and West China opened in Xi 'an, Shaanxi province. Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission attended and addressed the opening ceremony.



With the theme of "Interconnectivity, mutual integration, sharing and win-win", Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. was selected by Huai 'an Development and Reform Commission and participated in the series of activities of the Silk Expo as one of the delegation enterprises of Jiangsu Province. The company sales manager Kim sum Wang attended. Jin said," In recent years, our company has been a regular customer of the silk fair, invited to participate every year, and also hope that through this way, the company's latest research and development results will be shown to everyone, to the market."



Founded in 2011, Kerun Group has more than 10 years of research and development and industrialization experience in proton exchange membranes for fuel cells, flow batteries and electrolytic water hydrogen production, and has obtained more than 60 domestic and international patent licenses for proton membranes. It has won a series of honors such as national specialized and special new small giant Enterprise, National high-tech Enterprise, national key new product, National major first set of equipment in the field of energy, and Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award. The company is currently the only enterprise capable of large-scale production of proton exchange membrane for flow batteries in China. Since 2020, more than 70% of domestic MW flow battery projects have adopted Kerrun's proton membrane. At the same time, Kerun membrane is also the first domestic fuel cell proton membrane that passed the strong inspection of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China and completed the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the car. In 2021, the cumulative shipments of proton exchange membranes in the three fields of flow batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen production by electrolytic water ranked first in China's proton exchange membrane industry. -- Collun Group


Sibo will set up four theme exhibition areas, including economic and social development achievements, "Belt and Road" intersection construction results, urban style and East-west cooperation results. There are six pavilions, namely International Pavilion, China Pavilion, Shaanxi Pavilion, Rural Revitalization Pavilion, Intelligent Manufacturing Pavilion and Green Industry Pavilion, with a total exhibition area of 72,000 square meters.