Meeting News | The 10th new film and film process and its application seminars were grandly held in Suzhou


2024-04-01 17:09

On August 22, 2022, the tenth "2022 New Milk and Application Seminar" jointly hosted by the China Membrane Industry Association Engineering and Applied Professional Committee and Jinke Environmental Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Suzhou!

Guests attending the seminar include academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Cong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zheng Genjiang, chairman of the China Film Industry Association, and other authoritative experts in the film industry, professors and scholars from major universities, and outstanding representatives of film enterprises.

▶ Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Congyi

Academician Xixi Gao of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zheng Genjiang, Chairman of China Membrane Industry Association

Mr. Yang Dawei, chairman of Kerun Group, was invited to attend the meeting, and published a speech on the morning of August 23 "the latest progress of hydrogen fuel cells and electrolytic hydrogen -based proton exchange membrane industrialization". The type and application, production technology and equipment, and product performance of the exchange membrane introduced the company's latest R & D results and industrialization progress.

Mr. Yang Dawei said that "the hydrogen energy industry is a marathon, the road is long, the industry is huge, and it is persistent." Many experts and scholars attended the emerging industry of hydrogen energy have great interest. During the midfield rest stage, the visitors who came to visit and consulting were still endless.

Chairman of Kerun Group/Mr. Yang Dawei

For the company's next development, Mr. Yang Dawei said: "The development of new materials for chemical industry is not only the theoretical research and the development of raw materials. It also needs to cooperate with the process of processing technology, industrialization equipment, application testing, market application and other circular verification processes to improve . It requires the strong support of customers, independent research and development innovation, steadily promoted by the "iterative" development, and vigorously promotes the localization process of new materials. "

Text/Edit: Huang Jiujiu Wu Jingxin