Deputy Secretary of the Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Shi Zhijun surveyed our company [The development of 1 million square meters of proton membrane projects annually]


2024-04-01 17:02

On the afternoon of September 27, Comrade Shi Zhijun, deputy secretary of the Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Shi Zhijun, led the main leaders of the relevant departments of Huai'an City to our company (Jiangsu Kerun Material Co., Ltd.) to investigate the development of the proton film project. The leaders of the department accompanied the investigation.

Ke Run Company, President Cai and Zhang, and all employees expressed warm welcoming and thanks about the mayor Shi and his party visited the investigation!

President Tsai introduced Mayor Shi the development process of Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Materials Co., Ltd., and said that the company's development benefited from the government's strong support. The company is currently the only company specializing in the development, production, and sales of general fluorine proton exchange membranes in Jiangsu Province. After more than 10 years of research and development, it has solved the core membrane technology problem that plagues my country's new energy liquid flow energy storage and hydrogen energy industry. Having independent intellectual property rights and forming more than 50 patents. The company is currently the only company in China that can mass -produce and supply liquid storage film for mass exchange membranes. It is one of the few companies in China that can produce and supply hydrogen fuel cells for mass exchange membranes.

The company is currently a national specialty new giant. The product has obtained the national key new products and the first major technical equipment identification in the national energy field. A series of honors such as Shuangchuang Team, Jiangsu Shuangchuang Talent, and Jiangsu Province "333 Engineering" talents.

During the survey, Mayor Shi also learned in detail the production capacity and market prospects of the company's core product-proton exchange membrane, and had a cordial exchanges with Mr. Cai, Zhang, and President Zhang Run Company. During the exchange process, Mayor Shi Zhijun asked Kerun's operational situation in detail, and expressed warm congratulations to the company's good results. He hoped that Kerun Company would grasp opportunities, healthy development, and rapid development.     

Mr. Zhang thanked the governments at all levels of Huai'an City and Jinhu County, and sincerely praised the business environment of Jinhu. The company will grasp the policy of policies, further increase investment, accelerate the expansion of the project, and contribute to the local economic development. Mayor Shi Zhijun also told the leaders of Jinhu County, who visited, to continue to care and support the development of Kerun Company, help solve the problems encountered in a timely manner, and escort the enterprise with an excellent business environment.

In the end, Mayor Shi encouraged the company: "Whether from the domestic and international situation or the carbon comprehensive carbon peak policy, it is a good development opportunity for your company. I believe you will seize the opportunity and go to the next level!"

Photo/Edit: Huang Jiujiu Chen Xue