Comrade He Baoxiang, Secretary of the Jinhu County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, surveyed Suzhou Headquarters of Kerun Group


2024-04-01 16:53

On the afternoon of November 7, Comrade He Baoxiang, Secretary of the Jinhu County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, investigated the Kuron Suzhou headquarters to understand the company's product development, production and operation conditions and development planning. Yang Hongming, deputy head of the Jinhu County Government, Zhan Daokuan, director of the County Party Committee Office, and Zhu Xiangyang, director of the Business Bureau, accompanied the investigation.

Cai Yuehua, secretary of the board of directors of Kerun Company, introduced He Baoxiang's development process, business situation, strategic layout and development direction in the next few years. The company's development is inseparable from the strong support of the government in Suzhou and Huai'an. The company is currently the only company specializing in the development, production, and sales of general fluorine proton exchange membranes in Jiangsu Province. After more than 10 years of research and development, it has solved the core membrane technology problem that plagues my country's new energy liquid flow energy storage and hydrogen energy industry. Having independent intellectual property rights and forming more than 50 patents. At the same time, President Cai also reported to Secretary He that the company's Huai'an New Base was put into production, operations, and the second phase of planning, and thanked the Jinhu government for their continued concern and support for the company's development.

Later, Secretary He and his party also listened to the company's report on R & D. The head of the company's proton film R & D, and Cao Pengfei, the head of PEM Innovation and R & D Department, reported to Secretary He about the progress of innovative R & D and PEM's innovation research and development. Visit the company's laboratory, from analyzing chemical laboratory, membrane materials preparation laboratory, membrane material test laboratory, membrane material electrochemical laboratory, PEM electrolytic water research and development laboratory, Secretary He learned in detail the selection test from raw materials selection testing in detail The test of the basic performance of the product and the electrochemical testing of the product has been delayed to implement the test control, and the company's scientific research spirit is praised.

Secretary He expressed warm congratulations to the company's good achievements, hoping that Kerun Company should seize opportunities, healthy development, and rapid development. To do a good job of refining the "gas film", governments at all levels of Jinhu County will continue to care about and support the development of Kerun Company.

Photo/Edit: Huang Jiujiu Wu Jingxin