Share an article-2022 Energy Industry Light Flow Battery Standardization Technical Committee Annual Meeting and Standard Examination Meeting


2024-04-01 16:46

On November 22, 2022, the energy industry liquid flow battery standardization technical committee (NEA/TC23) was held online in 2022. Director Xu Ziming, Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage Division of the National Energy Administration of Energy and Technology, attended the meeting and gave a guidance speech. A total of more than 60 members of the bidding committee participated. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Liang, Secretary -General of the Bid Committee.

Director Xu Ziming affirmed the work carried out in recent years in recent years. Combine the background of the diversified development of new energy storage technology and the construction of the energy storage standard system, it proposes to do a good job of the construction of a standard system, standardization technical committee, promote the application and implementation of standards, and strengthen standardization. Suggestions such as collaboration.

Zhang Huamin, the chairman of the energy industry liquid flow battery bidding committee, focuses on the current development of my country's new energy storage industry, including the construction requirements of new energy power storage in new energy power generation projects in the provincial and municipal autonomous region of new energy. Battery energy storage projects provide better development space, predicting that in 2025, the battery will account for 15%(power) and 30%(capacity) of electrochemical energy storage.

Deputy Director Li Pianfu, Dalian Institute of Chemistry Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a theme report entitled "The current Status and Development Trends of the Lone Flow Battery", which sorted out the current progress of scientific research projects in the new energy storage field in my country. The current situation of application development analyzes the development trend of various types of liquid flow battery, and proposes to give full play to the significant characteristics of the safety and life of liquid flow battery. At the same time, based on the specific application scenarios of new energy storage, it reflects the overall advantages of liquid flow battery.

General Manager Yang Dawei of Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. made a theme report entitled "The Latest Progress of the Industrialization of Domestic Flute Proton Exchange Membrane for Loval Battery". The advantages and characteristics of different technologies such as non -fluorofluoroscin and full fluorine film, focusing on the technical characteristics of high ion selectability, high ionic conduction, and high chemical stability of ion exchanging membranes of general fluoride sulfonate.

General Manager Wang Xiaoli of Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd. made a theme report entitled "The Development Opportunities and Challenges and Challenges of the Full Lights Streaming Energy Storage Industry", which pointed out that under the initial development stage of the liquid flow battery commercialization, the whole pimple fluid Flowing battery technology is basically mature, and the foundation of the industry has been initially constructed. It analyzes the current high installation cost of energy storage projects, the urgent needs of industrial scale, and low market penetration rate involving market income concerns.

Deputy Secretary -General Guyan of the energy industry's liquid flow battery bidding committee introduced the work report of the bidding committee 2022. In 2022, the bidding committee completed the work role of the standard system, the revision of the key standard system, the revision of the key standard system, the standard review, and the supplementation of the membership. Combining the current situation, it proposed a demonstration application of a continuous improvement of the standard system, the revision of standard systems, and strengthening standards in key areas. , As well as the work direction of optimizing service capabilities, and proposed the key work plan of the 2023 annual bidding committee.

Aspects of the members of the bidding committee supplemented, 14 members such as Shanghai Guofeng Testing Co., Ltd. were added, as follows:

The conference review passed the national standard for review by Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is drafted by Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd.. Important performance indicators evaluation and test methods include the energy efficiency, capacity maintenance rate, utilization coefficient reliability basis, and electric heaps such as the full -scale liquid flow battery, and the electric heap is a key technical content such as failure rate.

Subsequently, the bidding committee reviewed and approved 7 items such as the “Technical Specifications for the Increase in the Electrochemical Systems of the Liquid Battery Battery Electrical Battery Circulation System” declared by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Rongke, the Metal Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of China Energy, and Petroleum University. The planned project and the GB/T 32509-2016 "Specific Technical Conditions for the Full of the Lights Flowing Battery", including the technical conditions of the Full Light Flowing Battery, "the above 11 standard system amendments will be used as the bidding committee's 2023 project standard planning plan.

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