The National Key R&D Plan "New Generation 100MW All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage Technology and Application Demonstration" project held a kick-off meeting


2024-04-01 11:00

On March 20, Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongke Energy Storage) was the project lead unit, jointly with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Rongke Energy Storage Group, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology, and National Network Liaoning Electric Power Company, Tsinghua University, Nanjing NARI Relay Protection, Suzhou Kerun New Materials, Dalian Constant Current Energy Storage Power Station, a total of 10 units, jointly undertake the "14th Five-Year Plan" national key research and development plan "Energy Storage and Smart Grid Technology" "The project launch meeting and implementation plan demonstration meeting of the key special project "New Generation 100MW All-vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage Technology and Application Demonstration" were successfully held in Dalian. A total of 38 people participated in the project kick-off meeting, including the Industrial Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, project responsible experts, consulting expert group, and project team members.

In this project, Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd., as a project participant, mainly carries out industrialization work on the development of localized technology for low-cost membrane materials.

At the meeting, as the person in charge of this project, Dr. Liu Zonghao, chief engineer of Raycom Energy Storage, made a report on the project implementation plan, and discussed the project background, research content, overall implementation technical route, project node plan, risk prevention and control and other aspects. Detailed report. 5 topics: "Development of localized technology for high-performance, low-cost membrane materials", "Wide temperature range electrode and electrolyte stabilization control technology", "Development and preparation of high power density stacks", "Highly integrated all-vanadium liquid" The person in charge of "Development and Preparation of Flow Battery Energy Storage Units" and "Integration and Demonstration of 100MW All-vanadium Flow Battery Energy Storage System" also reported on the project implementation plan and the latest progress respectively.

Through project implementation, we will accelerate the development of my country's new generation of 100MW intrinsically safe, efficient, low-cost, ultra-long-term all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage technology to better meet the needs of large-scale access to renewable energy in my country and peak load regulation of traditional power systems. It will further promote the development of my country's energy storage strategic emerging industries, inject strong impetus into technological innovation, and help create a zero-carbon future.