Team building travel|| Forge ahead together. New "Rabbit" Breakthrough


2024-04-01 10:52

Team building tours can go as soon as you want

Company benefits! ! !

Team building tours come as soon as you want!

Life is not only about work, but also poetry and distance

The team building outdoor trip has come to a successful conclusion!

Spring is infinitely beautiful, it’s time for activities! In this spring season, in order to allow everyone to relax and be happy in their busy work, the company has specially launched expansion training activities to allow everyone to get out of the office, get close to nature, go into the green, release work pressure, and rekindle work morale. Organize all employees to travel to their hometown towns and engage in activities such as horse riding, archery, glass slides, and mini trains.

On the morning of April, the sky was clear and the clouds were clear. We set off from the company on time at 07:30 in the morning and drove to Huzhou!

original town

Walk on the road and have fun in the sunshine

Happy every day

Get started together



Through this team building and tourism activity, not only did everyone relax physically and mentally and relieve work pressure, but new and old employees in various departments also had in-depth communication and understanding through this opportunity, which generated a lot of trust and strength. I believe that in the future work, our colleagues will devote themselves to work with fuller enthusiasm, collaborate tacitly, and jointly build an innovative and executive team. They will not forget their original aspirations and forge ahead!