Enterprise Information | | Collaborating with One Heart to Create a Win Win situation, Korun Group Participated in Hosting the "2023 First Liquid Flow Battery Technology Development Forum" Successfully Held


2024-03-29 16:59

The first 2023 Forum on the Development of Liquid Flow Battery Technology, sponsored by the China Electrical Industry Association, supported by the Standardization Technical Committee of Energy Industry Liquid Flow Battery, and supported by the Beijing Institute of Electrical Technology and Economics in the Machinery Industry, was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 15, with the participation of Suzhou Kerun New Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as Kerun Group). During the conference, internationally renowned experts in fuel cells and flow batteries, such as Zhang Huamin, and other senior experts in the flow battery industry, delivered speeches on site and had in-depth discussions and exchanges with attendees.

The First Forum on the Development of Liquid Flow Battery Technology in 2023

With the proposal of the national "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" strategic goal, the installed capacity of new energy storage in China continues to grow rapidly. The National Energy Administration, together with the National Development and Reform Commission, has issued a series of policies, including the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of New Energy Storage and the Implementation Plan for the Development of New Energy Storage during the 14th Five Year Plan period. China has initially established a national management system for the new energy storage industry, promoting innovative application of new energy storage technologies and high-quality development of the industry.

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As one of the electrochemical energy storage technologies, flow batteries have many advantages, such as high safety, long cycle life, recyclable electrolyte, high cost-effectiveness during the life cycle, and environmental friendliness. They have broad application prospects. In recent years, the industrial application of flow battery technology has made rapid progress. The world's largest 100 megawatt all vanadium flow battery energy storage and peak shaving power station, as well as the world's largest megawatt iron chromium flow battery energy storage demonstration project, have all been successfully put into operation. The first 2023 Forum on the Development of Liquid Flow Battery Technology discussed the development trend, industrial application prospects, standard testing and certification, and industry chain integration innovation of liquid flow battery technology from multiple dimensions. At the same time, a liquid flow battery enterprise exhibition booth was built to form a "seminar+exhibition" mechanism, promote collaborative innovation of the entire industry chain and value chain of liquid flow batteries, and promote the integration of the "dual chain".

Our company also presented our latest research and development products at the "EPOWER 23rd China All Electric Exhibition". At that time, many experts and leaders from the liquid flow battery industry visited our company's booth for guidance, and after listening to a detailed introduction of our new products, we gave high praise.

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Theme report: Kerun Group's latest progress in the industrialization of domestically produced proton exchange membranes for liquid flow batteries

During the forum, Mr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Kerun Group, delivered a keynote speech on the latest progress in the industrialization of domestically produced proton exchange membranes for liquid flow batteries. He delved into the technical difficulties that need to be overcome in the industry of domestically produced proton exchange membranes for all vanadium liquid flow batteries, as well as the latest progress and future development trends, market value, and other topics.