Liu Deshun, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the National Energy Administration, and his delegation conducted research on the headquarters of Kerun Group


2024-03-29 16:30

On the morning of September 7th, Liu Deshun, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the National Energy Administration, went to the Suzhou headquarters of Kerun Group for on-site research.

Director Liu Shunde and his delegation walked into the company exhibition hall and listened to Dr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of Kerun Group, giving an on-site report. The company is one of the leading domestic enterprises in proton exchange membrane materials, which has solved the bottleneck of core membrane materials in the field of liquid flow energy storage and hydrogen energy in China, and achieved the localization and localization of perfluorosulfonic acid proton membranes. Dr. Yang Dawei gave a detailed report on the company's development history, proton exchange membrane product system, application scenarios, and market share, as well as its overall industrial layout and future development plans.

During the research process, Director Liu Shunde carefully understood that after more than 10 years of research and development, the company has overcome the bottleneck problem of key core technologies, successfully achieved localization, and achieved a high market share in the domestic liquid flow energy storage market. He fully affirmed the company's achievements and development potential in the proton membrane field.
He pointed out that energy storage and hydrogen play important roles in the energy revolution, and are important means and ways to promote the achievement of the "dual carbon" goal. Proton exchange membranes are the core materials spanning the energy storage and hydrogen industries. Although they are small in size, they play a significant role and have broad market space. The industrialization of proton membranes is of great significance for the development of energy storage and hydrogen in China, as well as for promoting carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

He demanded that the company continue to maintain its passion for development, strive for continuous innovation in the field, continue to research and develop iterations, produce more results, and achieve greater results in energy storage and hydrogen energy scenario applications.

Leaders including Wu Aiqin, a second level inspector of the Jiangsu Provincial Energy Bureau, Xia Chenghua, a fourth level researcher of the Suzhou Development and Reform Commission, Qian Yu, a standing committee member and deputy district head of the Wujiang District Committee, and Zhang Weihua, director of the District Development and Reform Commission, accompanied the survey.