Annual meeting | 2020, we are different!


2024-04-06 20:02

On the evening of December 20, 2019, our company held a variety of 2019 Annual meeting activities in Suzhou headquarters. At the annual meeting, Mr. Yang made a year's work summary on behalf of the company, fully affirmed everyone's work achievements, and looked forward to the future of the company.

Afterwards, the colleagues who participated in the meeting spoke enthusiastically, and everyone made a summary report on the work, and everyone was full of confidence in the future of the company, and also prepared for continuous struggle.



After the annual meeting, there are colorful entertainment links, many small games, lottery, dinner, karaoke and other activities, everyone played a lot of fun, fun.


Excellent team is the greatest competitiveness of Kerun Group. Kerun has also been working hard to create a good working environment and atmosphere, so that employees can work and live happily here. We also believe that the company will make more breakthroughs in 2020, and Kerun will go better on the road of new energy and new materials in the future!