| Kerun New Materials participated in the 4th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition


2024-04-06 19:12


From October 19 to 22, 2020, the 2020 United Nations Development Programme Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference (hereinafter referred to as "UNDP Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference"), co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China Representative Office and China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., LTD., was held in Qiaoshan Cultural Center, Nanhai District. With the theme of "Developing green hydrogen energy to boost the world economy", this UNDP Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference will continue for 3 days to conduct in-depth discussions on fuel cell technology, hydrogen energy technology and application, policy standards, hydrogen safety and other directions, and build an open and inclusive hydrogen energy and fuel cell information technology exchange platform. Many guests, including representatives from international organizations and diplomatic missions in China, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions of the state, experts from global organizations, scientific research institutions, and core hydrogen and fuel cell enterprises, gathered in Foshan Nanhai to conduct extensive and in-depth exchanges in the international hydrogen energy industry, jointly discuss the future trend of hydrogen energy development, and enable the recovery and development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry enterprises after the epidemic. Better promote the commercial development of green hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries to boost the world economy.

General Manager Yang Dawei and a number of industry technical experts among the exhibitors participated in the "Hydrogen Listen to talk", discussed and shared the key components of fuel cell technology and domestic and foreign industry chain technology development and infrastructure construction, hydrogen energy and fuel cell application status and local practice, jointly promote industry applications and promote the commercial development of fuel cells.

After the "Hydrogen Listen to Talk" event, Mr. Yang was invited to deliver a keynote speech on the "Industrialization Progress of domestic proton exchange membrane for automotive fuel cells", sharing the cutting-edge technology concept and industrialization process of domestic proton exchange membrane, which was praised by experts and peers present.

Shen Binhua, director of Foshan Xianhu Hydrogen Valley Construction leading Group, came to the booth of Kerun New Materials to communicate with General manager Yang Dawei


Kerun New Materials team participated in the largest professional exhibition for hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry in China, showing NEPEM series vanadium battery ion exchange membrane and hydrogen fuel cell proton exchange membrane. Many people in the industry came to the new materials booth of Kerun to exchange and interact, seek business opportunities and promote development.