A new journey, a new starting point -- Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Materials Co., Ltd. successfully held a groundbreaking ceremony for the proton exchange membrane project with an annual output of 1 million square meters


2024-04-06 18:51

On February 20, 2021, Gonger Road, Jinhu County Economic Development Zone, the spring breeze warm, happy and peaceful, Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. annual output of 1 million square meters proton exchange membrane project foundation ceremony was held here. The foundation laying ceremony was attended by Wu Wei, Director of the Talent Work Department of the Organization Department of Huai 'an Municipal Committee, Chen Kefu, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Jinhu County Party Committee, Yang Hong, Secretary of the Development Zone of the Standing Committee of the Jinhu County Party Committee, Li Weibing, Minister of the Organization Department of Jinhu County, and Liu Renhai, director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Jinhu County, and other city and county department leaders; Jinhu County Jinbei Street secretary Zhan Daokuan led the street three sets of team members; Mr. Zou Loudian, chairman of Huaian Huaishang Yingcai Venture Capital Co., LTD., Mr. Shen Yingzi, president of Jinhu County Women Entrepreneurs Association, and other business guests; Yang Dawei, chairman of Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., LTD., and all employees of the company.

The groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by Zhu Xiangyang, director of Jinhu County Jinbei Street Office.

First of all, Yang Dawei, chairman of Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. introduced the company's development history, business prospects, and relevant situation of new projects. Yang expressed his sincere thanks to the local government and people from all walks of life who have provided great help in the development process of Kerun.

Jinbei Street Secretary Zhan Daokuan, on behalf of the deputy unit, congratulated the project on starting the foundation. Jinbei Street will "make every effort to provide first-class environment and first-class service for the project, and provide solid guarantee for the construction of the project and the development of enterprises"; At the same time, the project construction process should be "based on first-class standards to ensure first-class quality";

Speaking on behalf of the county government, Secretary Chen Kefu of the Standing Committee of the Jinhu County Party Committee stressed: "Government departments will act as a solid backing for the development of enterprises, increase the introduction of talents, constantly optimize the development environment, and attract more enterprises with high technology content and obvious talent accumulation effect to settle in Jinhu and take root in Jinhu." Secretary Chen asked Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. as a project construction unit to "high positioning, high standards, broad vision, large scale to promote the project construction, overall arrangement, scientific planning, and strive to complete the project early, early operation, early effect."

Other leaders who attended the event also delivered enthusiastic speeches, speaking highly of the achievements made by Kerun, and expressing their support, encouragement and good wishes for the new projects of Kerun.



The site of the groundbreaking ceremony was sunny and colorful flags were flying. At 10:18, accompanied by the festive sound of firecrackers and colorful fireworks, the guests moved to shovel soil next to the cornerstone, marking the milestone of Kerun's leap forward development. At this point, Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., LTD., after more than ten years of painstaking management and unremitting cultivation, finally achieved the official start of the construction of the proton exchange membrane project with an annual output of 1 million square meters, and finally entered a new stage of comprehensive eruption!

People from all walks of life who attended the event shared this exciting moment and wished Cathay Pacific, Minan and Kerun more brilliant achievements in the field of new energy!



About Jiangsu Kerun Film Material Co., LTD and New Projects:

Jiangsu Kerun Membrane Material Co., Ltd. is one of the only two enterprises in China that can mass-produce proton exchange membranes for hydrogen fuel cells. After 10 years of research and development, it has solved the core film material problem that has plagued the "stuck neck" of China's new energy flow battery and hydrogen energy industry. It has won a series of honors such as the Gold Medal of International Invention Patent Exhibition, National Key New Product, Jiangsu Key New Product, Jiangsu Science and Technology Award, Jiangsu High-tech Product, Jiangsu Special small Giant, National 10,000 People Plan, and Jiangsu Double and Innovation Team. He has applied for more than 60 patents on proton exchange membranes, including 1 PCT international patent, and participated in drafting 4 national and industry standards.

This project covers an area of 70 mu, construction area of 40,000 square meters, fixed assets investment of 200 million yuan, is expected to be completed in 2023 in two phases. After full operation, the production capacity of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen electrolytic water, and proton exchange membrane for vanadium batteries will reach 1 million square meters/year, with an output value of 1 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 400 million yuan. The first phase of this project will be completed in the second half of 2021: the investment of fixed assets is 106 million yuan, the new plant is 16,000 square meters, and the equipment is 16 million yuan. It is expected to generate sales of 100 million yuan and profits and taxes of 40 million yuan. After the project is put into operation, it will fill the gap in the industrialization of ultra-thin proton exchange membrane in China, reduce the application cost of proton exchange membrane in fuel cells, realize the comprehensive replacement of imported perfluorine-proton exchange membrane products, open up the entire domestic fuel cell industry chain, make fuel cell technology can be promoted and applied on a large scale, and help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality".