Mr. Jianwei Li and his delegation from Cummins (China) Company visited the headquarters of Collun Group in Suzhou


2024-04-06 18:06

On May 19, 2021, Mr. Li Jianwei, technical representative of Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and his delegation visited the Suzhou headquarters of Collun Group. Mr. Yang Dawei, chairman and founder of the company, warmly welcomed the guests of Cummins (China). Mr. Li Jianwei and his delegation, accompanied and introduced by Mr. Yang Dawei, chairman of the company, visited the company's exhibition hall and watched the company's promotional video, and learned about the company's development history, product system, scientific research results, market development and so on.

Cummins, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in the United States, is a leading global manufacturer of power equipment, designing, manufacturing and distributing engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, control systems, intake treatment, filtration systems, exhaust treatment systems and power systems, and providing corresponding after-sales services. Cummins China, is an important part of Cummins in the global map, Cummins has been optimistic about the development of China's green hydrogen energy industry, in 2020 Cummins China and Sinopec reached a cooperation intention, Cummins China officially joined hands with Sinopec to enter the domestic field of electrolytic water hydrogen production.

In the field of PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production, Cummins China has carried out fruitful technical exchanges with Collun Group. At the meeting, Mr. Yang Dawei, chairman of the company, first introduced in detail to the visiting Cummins Chinese guests the achievements of Colun Group in PEM water electrolysis hydrogen proton exchange membrane. The company has developed PEM electrolytic water core material proton membrane, and the product has been recognized by professional manufacturers in the industry, the company is very much looking forward to working with Cummins China to seek long-term cooperation in the field of hydrogen production by electrolytic water.

Mr. Li Jianwei, Cummins China Technical representative, first of all thanked Mr. Yang Dawei, Chairman of the company, for the warm reception of this trip; Secondly, it fully affirmed the technical strength of Kerun Group and its achievements in the field of PEM electrolysis water hydrogen proton exchange membrane. Finally, representative Li Jianwei said that Cummins has always been optimistic about China's PEM electrolysis water hydrogen production market, and this visit has achieved great results, and looks forward to maintaining further communication and cooperation with Collun Group in the field of PEM electrolysis water hydrogen production.